Antoniolupi (IT) 2016

Dafne, designed for Antoniolupi, is a compact and comfortable bathtub, characterised by a thin edge.
The basin, generated by curved lines and soft surfaces, rises on one side to accommodate the shoulders.
A controlled geometry generates a delicate and gentle sculptural whole while evoking calm and tranquillity.
Dafne is made from solid surface and measures 170×70 cm.

Images: Camilla Santini, Debiasi Sandri

Dafne bathtub by Debiasi Sandri for Antoniolupi

Sketch of Dafne bathtub by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri

Dafne bathtub by Antoniolupi

Dafne bathtub by Debiasi Sandri prototype

Dafne bathtub prototype

Dafne bathtub sketch by Debiasi Sandri for Antoniolupi


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